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Cookies Policy


Like most websites, our websites also use cookies. These are used to constantly improve the experience of the visitors of our website and to adjust our website to their individual needs. Hereinafter, you will find out what cookies are, which cookies we use and how you can manage and delete them.

1.  What are cookies?

Cookies are small units of information which your browser automatically stores in your computer’s memory. Cookies serve different functionalities, in particular the user-friendliness of the website. This allows a cookie to "remember" the settings you have made so you do not have to re-enter them each time.

Cookies are either downloaded directly from the servers (so-called first party cookies) or from other websites whose contents appear on our website (so-called third party cookies).

2. For which purposes do we use cookies?

We use cookies to provide functionalities and specific features on our website for your convenience. We cannot personally identify you from this information. Your name, email address or similar data will not be stored in addition to the data of cookies.

3. Types of cookies used on our website

We use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you close your browser. A permanent cookie remains on your device for much longer or until you delete it manually. The duration of a permanent cookie stored on your device depends on the duration or expiry date of the cookie and your browser settings.

Essential cookies are absolutely necessary to guarantee functions without which you cannot use our websites as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by us and are therefore first party cookies. This means that all information stored in the cookies is returned to our website. For example, the cookie may remember that you have logged into your user account and remain logged in when you access various sub-pages of our websites. This prevents you from having to re-enter your login information each time you access a new page.

The following absolutely necessary cookies are used on our website:





This cookie establishes a unique session ID and ensures that the information provided by visitors to the site is not lost while the site is being browsed.




Session ID






The cookie is required to coordinate the servers in connection with the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS). 



This cookie detects whether the user has already accepted the use of cookies and controls the visibility of the cookie disclaimer.

1 year


Functionality cookies: These cookies are used provide specific functionalities on our websites in order to personalise our content for you, such as remembering your preferences. The information collected by these cookies may contain personally identifiable information that you have disclosed. If you do not accept these cookies, this may affect the performance and functionality of the website and limit access to content on the website.

We use the following functionality cookies:





This cookie stores information about the company's affiliation so that this information does not have to be re-entered each time.



This cookie is used to authenticate the user when logging in.





This cookie recognizes logged-in users.



This cookie recognizes non-logged-in guest users on CWS.



liveagent_oref liveagent_sid


This cookie is required to provide the live chat function.



This cookie is used to identify the user.



This cookie is used to reset the password.



Cookies with this ending serve the security of the system by providing so-called Cross-Site-Request-Forgery, i.e. attacks on a computer system via a web application.



Performance cookies: These cookies collect information about the use of our websites, e.g. which pages a visitor has visited more frequently or whether the visitor has received an error message. We use this data and information to improve the presentation and user-friendliness of our websites. Analytical cookies do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person. Rather, this data is only available to us in aggregated and anonymous form.

The following absolutely necessary cookies are used on our website:





Identifies users and sessions. The cookie contains anonymous information about whether the user is a first-time visitor or a returning visitor.

2 years

_utmb & _utmc

Used to measure the duration of a visit to the website within Google Analytics.


Browser session/30 minutes


Used to reduce the browser request rate within Google Analytics.

10 minutes


Used to classify users and control user-defined analyses.

Browser session


Use for tracing the referrer URL, i.e. the web page from which the visitor selected the website, within Google Analytics.

6 months


Cookies with this prefix are set by the App Dynamics application to measure performance.



Unclassified cookies are cookies created individually by the providers, which currently cannot be assigned to any of the categories mentioned. We strive to achieve a classification together with the providers. These are the following cookies:

































4. Management and deletion of cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies. Alongside there is also the option to accept only certain types of cookies. An instruction can usually be found in the help function integrated in the browser or under:


a) Mozilla Firefox:
b) Google Chrome:
c) Microsoft Internet Explorer:
d) Apple Safari:
e) Opera:

Please note that if you deactivate the use of cookies in your browser settings, not all functions of our website may be fully available. You may need to make some settings manually each time you visit the site. More information can be found at:;