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E & E Systems Department

The E & E Systems Department focuses mainly on the development and implementation of vehicle electrical systems and associated components.

It coordinates its activities with the European vehicle electrical system manufacturers at the Sumitomo Electric Industries Group. This department is responsible for developing and designing signal and power transmission systems, and for testing them using simulations.

One of the greatest challenges in terms of the vehicle electrical systems of the future is the use of aluminium as a material. Aluminium is beneficial in terms of specific weight and cost, but new requirements in terms of machinability and corrosion resistance are now also coming into play. One of the E & E Systems  Department’s key areas of focus is on developing solutions for overcoming these challenges and testing them in the in-house laboratory.

The development of innovative plug connectors is also a key issue.

In this area, we are looking more and more to semi-conductor technology and miniaturisation.

These components are tested in the adjoining laboratory to ensure that they meet the customer’s requirements. 

The E & E Systems Development Department acts as a European centre of expertise for these fields within the Sumitomo Electric Industries Group.